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Hello from Dallas!

We've been here a week. More shows were added into our schedule, so there has been little time for sightseeing as yet :/ However I did make time to visit the JFK Assassination Memorial/6th Floor Museum.

That's the museum...the window farthest to the right is where Lee Harvey Oswald shot at the president. On the left of this picture you can see a white X on the road...that's where he was shot.

It's amazing how influential JFK was...I had no idea that he was behind the Peace Corps. I also learned much about his involvement with civil rights. I wonder how different the world would be if he hadn't been killed.

This week, we are fortunate to have four straight days of night shows only. That means I've got the WHOLE DAY to explore Dallas! AND I got myself a weeklong lightrail pass!!! Looking forward to a GREAT week, and a 'week 2' post with lots of pictures!!


Jul. 30th, 2012 12:42 pm
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The Houston Museum of Natural Science. If you ever are in Houston, GO TO THIS MUSEUM. They've installed a new Hall of Paleontology, and it's brilliant. Everything is set up so you can walk around it and see it from every angle. Whoever did the lighting is a genius.

Running T-rex.

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One of the best things I witnessed while in the museum was a demonstration given in the chemistry section. Kids were actually SITTING STILL and LISTENING to the elderly chemist, who turned glue into a rubber ball using vinegar and turned Raspberry Zinger tea blue with ammonia.

It was a miracle I tell ya. Lol

There were many other exhibits. I spent around 4 hours exploring all three floors of the museum. Had a great time :)

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It's been a great week in San Antonio!

The arena is HUGE. All of the animals are housed inside it, and we're only using half of the stage space! But everyone says the Houston arena is even bigger. Supposedly there's a shuttle to take you to different seating sections! I wonder if people are pulling my leg...

The train took waaaaay too long to get here...the driving time was 6 hours, and it took us 36!!!! I don't have any idea why. When we finally pulled in, Jason and Cindy (teacher) and I walked to the nearest grocery to restock. That was about all we had time for that day.

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After a light week in OK City, we're heading out to San Antonio!
We should get there in time for fireworks on the 4th :)

I did get to visit the botanical gardens in OK City. It was a very beautiful facility with lots of plants I've never seen. I couldn't take pictures of all of them (memory card full), but here are a few samples:

Also, it's worth mentioning that the internet here was PHENOMENAL. Since joining this tour, I've rarely had a strong enough signal to download or skype. Usually I'm lucky if I can check my email regularly from a device other than my phone. Here, I was able to download and stream movies in a flash. What a nice feeling :D
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We arrived in Oklahoma City on Tuesday around midnight. The next day I took the bus to the arena and did some wandering around :)

I have to say, Google Maps is awfully convenient! By the time we get to each city, I feel like I've been there before. I look for keywords like "WalMart, bookstore, bakery, museum", and make a route between all the general places I want to visit. Then I zoom as far as possible without going to street level and look for other areas of interest near my route. Then I take note of cross streets and landmarks. So by the time I'm walking around it's usually very easy to find what I'm looking for!

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Wow, there is a LOT to do in New Orleans!

We rolled in around noon on Tuesday, so I spent the first day running errands rather than going into the city. But on Wednesday I caught the 9:30 bus to the Superdome with Eric (he's one of the head train maintenance guys). We started off with a visit to the WWII museum. I don't have pictures of that because I'm a poor photographer and nothing I took came out well :/

The museum is set up so you can walk through it chronologically, beginning with Europe and ending in the Pacific. There were displays showing the weapons, gear and clothing of American, French, German, Russian, and Japanese soldiers. Some of the machinery was very impressive; there was a highly advanced gyroscope used in Japanese missiles, and a complex German coding machine. Also, I never realized how few soldiers America went into the war with as compared to other countries. But our mass production was unrivaled, and that gave us a huge advantage.

One thing that I thought the museum did very well was explain the tactics involved in campaigns throughout the war, including smaller but strategically important battles. It was very interesting to see how like a game of chess it all was, and how even retreats can be preplanned to create an advantage.

The self-guided tour ended with the atomic bomb display, which was dominated by a compiled video of the bombs being dropped and the aftermath, including footage of badly burned women and children. I can't help but feel shame that our country killed thousands of civilians with those bombs.
Anyway, Eric and I left the museum in kind of a dark mood, but I'm glad we went!

We visited the Riverfront Marketplace, which turned out to be a mall on the river...neither of us wanted that, so we found the French Quarter and ate lunch at Chartres House Cafe.

The food was VERY good. He got chicken alfredo and a beer, and I had blackened redfish with jumbalaya and veggies and SeaGlass white wine. Our appetizer was spinach dip, but instead of chips they gave us fried bowtie pasta. Delicious!

Then we went our separate ways. I explored the French Quarter a bit more, and stepped into a voodoo shop to see...well, to see what's in a voodoo shop!

Black salt, monkey paws, shrunken heads, etc. It was interesting!
I got a bit lost trying to find Cafe du Monde, but found this fountain instead:

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Today was fun :)

Hung around the train until 2pm, then took the bus to the venue and from there Jason, Jerome and I walked about a mile down to the Harbor Ferry. There's only one bridge connecting North Beach to South Beach here, and there's no walking path, so the only other way across is the shuttle or the ferry.

After a nice 15 minute boat ride, we decided to visit the USS Lexington museum.

The ship was so huge, we only had time to visit the lower decks and the flight deck. The lower decks had crew living quarters, dentist and doctors' offices and operation rooms, repair shops, mess hall, chapel, and lots of other features. Jerome, who has played on a cruise ship before, said that the features of this ship are very much the same and was able to tell us about lots of things like life rafts, living quarters, maintenence, etc. In each area there was showcased memorabilia like purple heart medals, letters and telegrams, items found on deck after kamikaze crashes...it was very cool.

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Albany, NY

May. 4th, 2012 06:43 pm
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Albany is pretty awesome!

On Thursday we had a split (early and late shows with breaks in between), so during the break I walked around the city. It's a pretty nice and clean place, with FANTASTIC pizza :D

Last night some of us went out to a bar around the corner. It was too loud, but it was nice getting to hang out with people "outside of work".

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